Luxury cruises. Multiple boats and excursion options. One adventure you won’t soon forget.


A day of doing what you truly love will never be a day at work. Sherry and I are truly blessed to share our love of the water, entertaining and the beautiful Charleston area through Unwritten our private charter yacht. This venture is years in the making and a pleasure to offer to locals and guests from all over the world.

We are often asked, “Why Unwritten?” Years ago, we fell in love with a song called Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield and the lyrics of her song. “…Live your life wide open, today is where the book begins, the rest is still unwritten.” And so it began.

Thank you for considering a private cruise on Unwritten. Know that our passion is creating the perfect experience for our guests, so don’t be afraid to ask; your trip is still unwritten and can be whatever you want it to be. We do everything we can to accommodate any/all requests to make sure your trip is nothing short of perfect.

Building memories

Chandler & Sherry Greene

Owner - UnWritten